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Watch Strap Review Part 14. - LionstrapsThe 2nd Watch Strap Report on November is here, dear readers! We've got another country to increase the ever-growing imaginary map from the Watch Strap Review subjects. The strap maker lives in Karlsruhe, where I lay my head at nighttime too, so the very first time I were actually meet my subject in the real world. Joe from Lionstraps is certainly a cool casual guy, has a large assortment of straps and a great eye for brand new materials and techniques. They are recognized by Seven Friday fans being huge with that 28mm strap game but in addition takes offers for other projects. watches As a matter of fact, there are some things from the mix between me and him regarding future strap projects but let's keep that the secret until we finalize what were work on at this time. For the moment let's look at his brand name his straps, please meet:Lionstraps LionstrapsIt's a well known fact that we contact strap makers that I find on Facebook or Instagram (in order to nominate someone don't hold it back and send us a mail or even a DM on Instagram @ferenczibazs) as well as the later is the place where I stumbled upon the Lionstraps account. I became browsing his photos once i saw one, which had been taken at a spot in Karlsruhe I am aware very well. I dug more and yes it turned out that she actually lives in exactly the same city I truly do, Karlsruhe, Germany. So following your initial contact via WhatsApp we fixed a session where he would bring some samples i would bring him some straps from my collection of other makers I've had the pleasure of reviewing in past times. Time flew by quickly in great company; Joe took a number of notes and promised to return to me soon with the results. Ever since the first meeting we already met once or twice at various spots in K-Silence (as being the other Fratello gents call the town) spreading the love for watch straps with individuals chilling out us, considering us like "Who are this option as well as what the hell could they be messing with?". Some want Lionstraps to cause me to the standard leather straps I'm receiving a lot because he is very talented to get new materials. I believed it may be cool to do something different. Let's quickly see what he developed as per my request. ComicAccording to him, the superior seller design, that she invented as well as been copied by other makers, will be the comic strap. An advantage of this can be a larger strap you may need, as being a 24mm Panerai or even a 28mm Seven Friday, the more details is visible. I realize as well as not even close to the classic means of strap making which we featured up to now but on one side Lionstraps is capable of doing that as well as well as on the opposite hand I believe these designs will probably be popular among many readers. It is hard to match that strap with a watch, you must have a relatively large timepiece to sport it, because strap is fairly thick. Due to the nature on the material it is usually pretty stiff and that means you need to have a good 7 days (maybe even weeks) to have familiar with the strap and break it in however montblanc fake , when it's done you have an absolutely great looking alternative to your favorite timepiece. The measurements are pretty standard 12.5cm and 8.5cm using a 20/18mm ratio within the lugs and buckle. The thickness is 4mm. This strap, plus the others, is hand-made from start to finish, it provides a soft black leather lining. Black stitching is running around the rim with the straps giving extra security though they are challenging to see because of the motifs. Lionstraps' comic strap is priced around 0 (tapered) but it really depends on just what the customer wants as every Lionstraps product may be customized. Once extra cool feature will be the Cryptonite buckle that Joe hand makes in case you order one, that is manufactured from a cloth that glows after dark (as you can see it here). Every buckle is hand cut and polished. DenimLast year I visited replica rolex Iron Heart in Gosport whenever they were releasing their collaboration with Pinion Watches. Iron Heart is a Japanese denim company; just about as cool simply because it gets in terms of selvedge denim. The Iron Heart distributor in Gosport and I were talking about the chance to get a denim watch strap. I told him how cool it will be to get one around the Iron Heart/Pinion but he said it is difficult to work with denim and create a strap that's good quality but still looks awesome. That said Industry experts Lionstraps to cause me to be a denim strap and since Joe did similar projects he was happy to give it a shot. It's wise shown  below and you also be the judge rolex watches ladies . It arrived on the scene quite nicely. The strap is made to match a 20mm watch. However, the widest part - prior to we get to the lug tips - is 23mm. This resembles the main reference 1162 Omega bracelet that you could find for the vintage Speedy MarkIIs the place that the hooded lugs are simply just 20mm bit the last link prior to a end piece is wider and revives is very important of the watchcase about the bracelet. With this strap about the watch is very important is modified giving a more oval turn to your timepiece. The size of the strap is 13cm and 7.5cm with a buckle width at 18mm jut including the previous strap. The strap incorporates a great flexibility; no feel stiff by any means when worn. The within is included with soft black leather inner to defend the skin in the ruggedness with the denim. These times Joe used a dark beige thread for that closed stitching. The end of the strap is square (not pointy since you are able to see in the event of the comic strap) again something which breaks the classical look and traditional execution of watch straps and supplies an even more up-to-date look for your watch when worn on this denim strap. The retail price this is the bit cheaper at 0 and again fully customizable when you should change some features. BaseBallThe third strap project Lionstraps made for me is yet another one among his "signature" models, a strap manufactured from an actual baseball. He makes straps from baseball gloves however i already featured something similar from Detroit Strap Co. in regards to a year ago i really thought try and see such a strap made from baseball would seem like. Like I said connected with the comic strap, it seems fantastic when the strap is wide but even while a 20mm version like mine it is absolutely fun. There may be only 1 problem with the strap; are looking for a watch which fits the structure. A result of the color of off-white and red it's difficult to match the strap with a watch but once you're past that "problem" you are set using a great combo. The measures are 13cm and 8.3cm, that is pretty standard and again 20/18mm for the ends. The strap is created entirely from a ball; actually in line with Joe one strap equals one whole baseball. To finish the design he uses red saddle stiches. The strap is quite flexible and soft; the inner side is roofed with a few soft red leather, which is glued to your baseball leather. There isn't any other stitching to preserve the initial look of the strap. The purchase price comes to the comic straps' so roughly 0 (tapered) but please make contact with Lionstraps you probably have questions or special requests with regards to the measurements of the strap. Because i told you to start with want to know , Lionstraps is a lot more than the usual comic or a baseball strap makers. Joe does interesting straps crafted from vintage ammo bags (juts like our friend MJ Leather), toad (!) crocodile or stingray leather, he also tans his material and simply recently got into laser engraving natural leather prior to tanning and cutting them. Apart from his ready-made straps he uses orders and happy to work with anything. I already asked him to do a few especially designed pieces for me personally plus the quality and craftsmanship he put in them didn't prove me wrong. Besides, Joe is often a super nice guy and already an upcoming star from the custom strap world. Please visit his Instagram and Facebook pages and be sure to set up an investment next occasion you enter demand of a little extra awesome custom shoes on your favorite watch.